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Target Audience: Beginner to advanced participants

Medium of Instruction: Chinese and English

Duration: 12-30 hour packages available


You will feel very excited that you can learn Chinese characters so easily and quickly. Join our course, let yourself amaze your abilities and enhance your confidence and passion for learning Chinese!


Does anyone need to write a Chinese character many times in order to remember it? No, there is no need for that. At least, not all.


In order for participants to remember Chinese characters, Hua Jie Language developed a unique and easy method. Because each Chinese character has a story related to it, anyone can learn fast and while discovering the subtility and cultural aspect hidden behind the strokes.  


Course Outline:

- Learn HSK 1 -150 ~ 170 characters in 3 - 6 hours.  

    You will know how to read fast, and you will know how to write -strokes as well.


- Why Learn Chinese Characters?


  •  Learning some Chinese Characters expecially common used ones, will help you understand and memorize Chinese vocabularies.

  •   It is good way to learn higher level Chinese language. Especially after HSK 3. 

The course is a demonstration of the easiest way to remember Chinese characters. Once participants are introduces to this concept, understanding the essence of Mandarin and guessing what unknown characters mean becomes possible.


At this stage,  participants take part in discussions and interpretations of the articles to strengthen their reading comprehension and vocabulary.Reading material will be selected from Chinese newspapers, magazine and novels as well as newspapers, story books, brochures and work-related documents.


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