Target audience: Intermediate students and HSK 3 proficiency test achievers

Medium of instruction: Chinese and English

Duration: 30-45 hours (1.5 or 2 hours per session)


Course Outline:


Level 4 complements level 3 by the cultural dimension of the lessons. Students develops writing skills related to the wide array of new words learnt during level 3.


Characters' combination expressing new definitions are taughts as well as Chinese idioms and classics of literature. Passages are accompanied with intensive writing practices.


Effective and confident thematic discussions are also part of the lessons, reviewing the students' new vocabulary and articulating it furthermore through idioms and other uses. Students then understand the essentials for writing in Chinese and enjoy some of the true beauty and complexity of the language through media platforms and literature. 


At this level, students are ready for a standard Chinese language proficiency – HSK 4 Test. 



Target audience: Intermediate students and HSK 2 proficiency test achievers

Medium of instruction: Chinese and English

Duration: 30-45 hours (1.5 or 2 hours per session)


Course Outline:


Our level 3  course assist those intermediate students who are ready to rapidly improve their Mandarin Chinese skills. Chinese essays and stories, beautiful Chinese songs and poems, business magazines and newspaper columns, movies and videos, this is a colourful program flirting with all aspects of the language, the society and the culture. 


Dedicated to serious learners, this level includes the understanding of around 700 Characters and 1000 new words, a wide array of vocabulary terms and grammatical rules. To further develop the students’ reading ability, short stories, and passages are accompanied with intensive reading practices.


After 30 hours, the students should be able to converse effectively and confidently in everyday situations through thematic discussions and interaction with Chinese speakers. Students should be able to work, travel or live in China with no language barriers and can read and write short stories and simple essays in Mandarin.


This 30-45 hour level 3 course leads to a standard Chinese Language Proficiency – HSK 3 Test.


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