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Training Programs Tailored for your budget and your Time

If you or your company’s staff needs to travel and work in China;

If your company’s staff needs to talk to Chinese clients;

If you want to learn Chinese in a fast and comprehensive way;

If you want to communicate in Chinese in a short amount of time;


Our Corporate Training program is the right choice. 


About rate


Target Audience : Participants with intermediate or advanced level 

Medium of Instruction : Chinese & English

Duration: 20-30 hours (1.5-2 hours per session)

Course Outline:


This course  on how to address specific business matters and/or solve working issues in Mandarin in a short amount of time. Business Mandarin has a very wide range of content to learn. Therefore, what we choose is the fastest way for participants to achieve their goal.


The Corporate Training program teaches the vocabulary needed in a specific Chinese-speaking working environment. Newspapers, magazines, websites and databases will be used. The teaching methodology is based on questions and answers related to vocabulary in workplaces, discussions and role-play activities. Dialogue practices are also part of the lessons relating to  articles on the industry's current affairs in domains such as I.T., accounting, finance, banking, law, medical, but also engineering, technical, construction, etc. 



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