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    I really want to say thank you. Learning with Hua Jie Language is real good choice for me when I start to learn Chinese.  


  The lessons were very interesting, you explain the origin of words and have a systematic way of teaching thereby making easy retention. The method are very unique, a lot of tips which and help me a lot.  Keep me motivated with your varied, lively approaches, thus making your students attentive and their enthusiasm is always there in each lesson.

  More over, the lessons always full of energy! 



     Francis Moulin - From France, Business Manager

    I finished Chinese level 1 in about three months. I had lessons once a week. After that I went to Hongkong and Shanghai for a a few weeks to work. It is really help me a lot.
    I am so happy that I really can communicate Chinese with people around me! 
    I have recommended Hua Jie Language to my friends and I will continue to recommend it to anyone who is interested in learning Mandarin.


Lammert Baumann - From Germany
      This is definitely the right choice for me to learn Chinese with Hua Jie Language. Focusing on speaking and listening, -- I don't have much energy and time to learn Chinese characters.

      In fact, I didn't learn Chinese characters, but I can still speak and listen to Chinese. This is very important for me to travel to China and talk to my Chinese colleagues. very helpful.

      Anyway, I passed level 3, I tried the HSK 3 exam, I'm happy, I got a 90. I recommend Hua Jie Language to everyone who wants to learn Chinese. Their courses are very good. Teachers are very good, There are very good audio and video to help memorize, a lot of tips. This is a great help to me!

             Louis Thomas  from France, Business Mangaer
     I have learned three courses with Huajie, and now I can talk to my clients in Chinese, it seems that they all like me to speak Chinese.

    I also learned some Chinese characters, and now I can recognize about 400 Chinese characters. This is my hobby, Chinese characters are an art. Next year I plan to continue taking classes with huajie and take a higher level.

 -  Richard from UK, Banker
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