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To learn Chinese in Singapore in private with one of our teacher may be something you are considering. However, wherever you are in the world and on whichever device, if you can read this, you can learn Chinese with us.

Through the past few years, Hua Jie Language has developed an On-Demand Video Learning concept. Lessons on Skype are also available.

Teaching Methods & Students' Books in Soft Copies

Our teaching methods and books are also available in .pdf, which means your student book is now an e-book. It will always be at reach via your laptop, tablet or mobile phone. 

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We are still into Research & Development and the whole concept is not a reality yet. Therefore, come back often to see changes not only to this page but to this whole website! 

 About Hua Jie Language Program

for non-chinese speaker /totally beginner/local & international school students (1:13 mins)

About Learn Mandarin Fast (LMF) Program

Introduce what is the fast way to learn Chinese mandarin and why you can learn fast.


(Time is flexible)
Basic package for Chinese lessons  (1 or 1.5 hours/ each lesson)
Option A - S$600 / 12 hours (Rate S$50/ hour)
Option B - S$950 / 20 hours (Rate S$47.5 / hour )

Option C - S$1350 / 30 hours (Rate S$45 / hour )

  • You also can pay by bank transfer(preferred), posted cheque, ATM transfer, or bank deposit. Please contact us for detail.

  • Please contact us before/after you make a payment. We will reply to you asap. Thank you.



                 Start from 1st week of each month

 Current Classes Schedule:

Tues & Thur  7:30 pm - 9 pm (Chinese Level 1)

Mon & Wed  10 am - 11:30 am (Chinese Level 1) 

Sat & Sun 2 pm - 3:30 pm (Chinese Level 1)

Mon  7:30 - 9 pm  or 10-11:30 am (Chinese Level 2)

Wed 7:30 - 9 pm or 10-11:30 am (Chinese Level 3)

Contact us for your preferred time, we will do our best to schedule for you at your available time if above schedule is not suitable for you. 

Tuition Fee: S$ 600 / 20 hours  ( Rate $30/hour )

  • You also can pay by bank transfer(preferred), posted cheque, ATM transfer, or bank deposit. Please contact us for detail.

  • Please contact us before/after you make a payment. We will reply to you asap. Thank you.





 Teaching from a professional Chinese instructor

Customized reading practice and exercise materials

A flexible structured course customized to you needs

Access to our audio and video library

Review activities (dialogue, vocabulary) and homeworks


 Chinese level 1 - Course covered: 
Our Chinese Level 1 (LMF program) is suggested totally 30 hours or so.  Compare with our private face to face lessons. 
Skype lessons in private
During the lessson, your teacher will focus on:
      > your pronunciation (tips)
      > the basics of grammar 
      > dialog and interaction
Free access video lessons for beginner (120 minutes)
These videos covers 8 lessons (16 sections). Each video is about 12-18 mins. We understand the difficult part for students is to memorize the words. (It is very common when you learn a non-native language.) Therefore, these videos are to help you remember what you have learned. You will find you can remember these basic words & sentences much easier.  From there, you can make your own sentences and talk in Chinese more confidently. 
Free access HSK (1 & 2 ) practise videos (100 minutes) - 300 basic Chinese words
> Our HSK practice videos can help you to pronounce and to remember chinese words much easier. 
Free access Learning material free (online library for member)
> Learning material for each lesson (PDF files)
> HSK & preparation & review materials
> audio files for each course
> Chinese characters writing tips (PDF files)
 Free 'Give & Mark' homework by email
> Our instructor will give and mark your homework personally so that he/she will know your process better.



Terms and conditions for our online courses


(1) Cancellation of online lessons

To cancel your lesson, simply contact your teacher to confirm the cancellation. However, please note that we should receive it 12 hours before the scheduled start of the lesson. Please further note that if you follow this recommendation, then the cancelled lesson will be rescheduled later with no penalty. 

However, if you do not turn up for the lesson or formally cancel the lesson a few hours before the scheduled start (e.g. 2 hours beforehand) then, you will lose that lesson from your package.


(2) Our refund policy

No refund. However, a free 15 mins trial lesson allows you to connect with your instructor via SKYPE before any payment is made. And no expiration date for packages you have booked. You may reschedule lessons any time and perfect in one week or at least 2-3 days in advance.  


(3) Lateness for online lessons

Please be on time for your online lessons. We will wait a maximum of 10 minutes for you to come to your class. If you haven't arrived in 10 minutes, your teacher will stop waiting and go offline. As a result, you will lose this lesson. 

N.B. Please note that this rule applies even if you have a technical problem with your connection or your computer. Therefore, it is strongly advised that you check that your hardware and Internet connection are fit for online learning.


(4) Teacher cancellations

Although your teacher will try to be available to teach all online lessons 100% of the time, there may be times when your teacher’s personal circumstances mean that she/he have to cancel a lesson at short notice, i.e. on the same day of the lesson. However, in this eventuality your lesson will be rescheduled at a time later in the month.


(5) Regular study times

To secure your regular study slot, it is strongly advised that you book in advance to avoid disappointment.


(6) Sharing online lessons with other people

Please note that this in a one-to-one service. However, should the student wish to invite a friend, only the person who has paid for the online lessons will be directly addressed in class.


(7) Behavior during online lessons

Inappropriate student behaviour during the online lesson is not acceptable and will not be tolerated. As a result, the lesson will end immediately.

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