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You always wanted to learn Chinese and you have always been looking for the right way to do it? If you are a busy professionals who cannot commit to a regular language classes or you simply do better when you learn on your own in your comfortable place, learning Chinese 1 to 1 is the solution for you.


HUA JIE is proud to offer you the most professional and effective learning Mandarin training services for all levels using proven successful methods. 

Our tuition fees are the most competitive in Singapore.


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Why are private lessons with us a great way to learn?

  • Tailor made material helps you learn as fast as you can.

  • Professional Chinese teacher make you talk and practice more time than group.

  • Personalized study plan and schedule organization to satisfy all levels, training objectives and agendas.

  • Flexibility: classes can take place in your office , home or the place which is convenient for you. And it can be cancelled and rescheduled up to 3 hours in advance without any fee.

  • Participants can free Assess to online library and all learning tools including videos, audios, flash cards, and pdf. etc. 

  • Trusted Chinese language training provider by more companies and organizations  in Singapore every year.


You may start learning Chinese for free with our online videos and have a free online or by phone trial discussion and review with our Head Teacher- Ms Julie.  


Trial 1.5 hours of lessons with a teacher in private are $60.00 only (30 minutes free) and your registration fee could be waived as you will sign up for a package of the course.


What is the benefit to have a private lessons? 

The benefit of private lesson is that they are scheduled, prepared and taught at your own pace.  There is no need to worry about missing a class. The student gets full attention from the teacher. There are obviously more chances participate actively to the lessons and ask questions. More over, the schedule is flexible and you can conduct the lessons almost anywhere at any time.

I learned Chinese before, and I want to continue to improve my Chinese, what's the best way for me to start?

We will assess your level in Chinese langauge first to see which level you are right now. The assessment is free of charge, we may do it with you by email or by phone or Skype.  


After the assessment, We'll confirm the lessons schedule with you.

The assessment will be about 15 minutes or so, after which we will be able to continue learning from your current level. You do not waste any time learning what you 've already learned.

When can I start my private lessons?

You can start your private lesson very soon. Please let us know in advance the date you want to start. We will arrange the first lesson for you as soon as possible.  


After that, you can always book your schedule week by week.

Can I cancel my private lessons in case I have to?

Yes, you can. You can change your lessons at any time. Our private program is made for busy professionals who can't commit a regulare language class.


The only thing you need to do is that to inform your teacher at least 2 hours in advance before your lesson. Or late cancellation fees apply.



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Ms Julie and her student from Japan
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