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 About Hua Jie Language Program for non-chinese speaker

 totally beginner- advanced level & business mandarin

local & international school students (1:13 mins)


HUA JIE Language Programme specialises in Mandarin courses for expatriates, at the office or at home. Our Mandarin for business courses, in private or in groups, are tailored to students' specific and immediate purposes. 


With a twist of knowledge and a pinch of fun, Hua Jie Language Programme paves participants the way to a world of opportunities for their associates and themselves. If you are looking for that edge that will rise you above your competitors, learn Chinese in Singapore will get you there.


Hua Jie Language also offers Chinese tuition classes for local pupils and students. Let our experienced native Mandarin teachers help your child or children deliver academic results. Tuition lessons are customized according to students' specific requests, PSLE, 'O' level or 'A' level evaluations. Visit our Chinese Tuition for Local Students page for more details.



Founded in Singapore in 2001, HUA JIE started modestly as a small Chinese tuition centre in a shophouse located on East Coast Road, in Singapore. We rapidly developed new programs adapted to PSLE, O level, A level and JC students which helped a generation of Singaporeans to improve their ability and chances to reach for a higher education.


During these years, Hua Jie Language introduced the commercial concept of corporate Mandarin courses for expatriates, offering a flexible, fun and easy one-to-one business program for executives. managers and employees. Each 30-hour course is based on a specific HSK level, the Chinese equivalent of TEFOL for non-native English speakers. 


Simultaneously, Hua Jie Language created a pool of English/Mandarin interpreters for business meetings and corporate events, in Singapore or abroad. It also developed an expertise translating documents from English to Chinese for business, studies or traveling purposes. 



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