What make us special? 


Learn Mandarin Fast (LMF) is a unique concept designed to teach practical Mandarin to total beginners in the shortest amount of time. It is about 30 hours. Participants can grasp the essentials of Mandarin about 30% faster than any other program. 


The LMF program is based on the spoken aspect of the language and each character taught comes with its spelling in Pinyin, the standard system of romanized spelling for Chinese words. You can speak Mandarin just in 2 hours. LMF also focuses on what is important for participants so they can reach with their Chinese audience promptly. 


Whether it is for business, travel, or leisure, LMF gives you the ability to effectively communicate in Mandarin soon. 

Enjoy speaking Mandarin just in 2 hours. Subscribe to our online videos and Our program immerses students in an interactive environment where they quickly get to pronounce words and converse in Mandarin. Exercises are prepared to ensure that students keep in mind the skills they study for. Our program shortens the time spent memorizing words and characters. Wherever you are, we can reach out for you. Contact us to know more about our online lessons. 

What makes Chinese language different from others?


If you have ever tried to learn a Latin-based language, you surely know the pain and frustration of memorizing verb tenses and conjugations, genders of words, singulars and plurals, and the irregular verbs. The good news with Mandarin is that there is none of that.


Mandarin also has a relatively small sound range, with only about 400 different sounds. The small voice range and amount of characters in existence means that many characters often share the same sound. There are such cases in English as well with the pronunciation of words like 'too', 'to' and 'two'.


Mandarin likes to 'sing' its sounds in four different tones, another unique characteristic of the Chinese language.


Since Chinese characters are not directly connected to speech, learning how to write in Chinese takes time and practice. Also, characters often change in meaning according to how they are put together.


While English and many other languages use only 26 letters, there are far more Chinese characters that exist, so much that nobody really knows them all.

At the beginning of each session, you should spend 20 minutes recalling what you learned the day before. When you study a conversation, say it out loud if possible, try to think and understand even while you are mechanically repeating sounds. The exercises are designed to ensure that you remember what you have read and can apply it immediately. Our accelerated teaching system will greatly help to shorten the time you spend memorizing.

Congratulations! You are about to become one of that tiny number of Westerners who can converse with Chinese. And so, without further delay, let’s get going. If you conscientiously follow our program and spend the required time, you will be able to communicate in Chinese with just 30 hours of training.