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In your office or at home




30 hours or by packages


(2-3 participants)


In your office or at home




30 hours or by packages!


(Four participants or more)


In your office


$15.00 to $30.00 /hour/person


30 hours or by packages!

Business Mandarin

Course Outline : 

  • Medical and Hospital 

  • Investment and Banking

  • Insurance industry

  • Business & Customer service

  • Import & Export Industry

  • Other Industry business mandarin

Target Audience: Absolute beginner to advanced students

Medium of Instruction : Chinese and English

Duration: 20 to 45 hours, tailored on students' language requirements

As representatives of companies based or doing business in East-Asia, executives, managers or employees often needs to travel and work in China. In order to crack that deal or get the work done, they meet Chinese clients, communicate, eat and socialize with Chinese partners or associates. They also need to find their way in foreign locations, introduce themselves, ask questions or talk directly to Chinese piers about confidential matters, etc.


As China opens up to new markets and ventures, it westernizes its economic trends and develops new ways of dealing with the business world. However, tradition remains an important pillar of the Chinese society and to understand what is hot and what is not may make the whole difference between success and no deal.


After all, who would not prefer to deal with someone who demonstrate good etiquette and who speaks the same language?

Business Mandarin

This course browses the economic and business language skills needed to communicate effectively in a Chinese-speaking work environment. Lessons include all methodology found in the specific level students will be achieving (See Chinese beginner to advanced courses). Students also learn the specific vocabulary related to their industry and social & commercial events related to work.


At an appropriate level, A series of business dialogue practices will be introduced to the participants' reading and speaking abilities. Articles on current affairs related to the business industry will also be part of the curriculum when applicable.

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