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About Teachers

Ms Julie Jin is the program founder and the chief professional private and small group instructor. She is a highly professional graduate and qualified teacher from a Chinese university and also a passionate and native experienced teacher with more than 15 years teaching experience both in China, Singapore and Canada.

She has designed all her programs to be both interesting and understandable. She is able to successfully lead her students by optimizing her programs to maximize learning in the shortest amount of time.

Julie understands that it can be challenging for students to memorize mandarin words. Therefore, she developed a series of videos to help her students to remember Chinese pronunciation and characters in an easy way. The online videos got lots of positive feedback from thousands of Chinese mandarin learner around the world.

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Ms Julie & her students
Secondary group class
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Her students include MBA students, executives, financiers and business owners from Asia, Europe and America. As an experience creative teacher, she make learning Chinese lessons are easy, fun and practical.


She believes that her students “can not only learn perfect Mandarin, but also know much more about Chinese culture, history and society etc”.


She cares about her students, tracks progress, and wants everyone to enjoy her designed lessons. She spent endless time crafting and perfecting her programs to be easy to understand. Her programs are proved to be simple, time-efficient and successful.

She sees teaching as her passion and has accumulated significant experience teaching in various settings, from one-to-one tutorials to big group classes of up to 20 students, from Business Mandarin training to exam preparation course. Please click here to see the Testimonials.

Besides teaching, Julie also has a lot of hobbies such as writing, reading , drawing and singing. She also likes sports such as badminton, swimming, cycling and hiking.

Julie always believed that everyone has the ability to learn. It is not the student's fault if they do not grasp the lesson. She believes that being a good teacher means being patient, passionate, innovative and knowledgeable.

Julie’s mission is to simplify learning Mandarin Chinese in a way that makes it much easier to absorb and retain. She loves to help her students, and she firmly believes that her programs and material are unparalleled.

Related Information 

Our people are our greatest asset.  Our teachers are all native Chinese and have genuine Language University Bachelor or Master Degrees, some of them in Teaching Chinese as a Second Language, the degree created by the Chinese government to develop professional teachers, some of them in Chinese literature, business, in English, French or Korea. They also have from 2 to 8 years’ experience in teaching Chinese, and followed our internal training.

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