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This 60-hour program is divided in two 30 hours discovery levels - Level 1 & Level 2


Level 1- Learn Mandarin Fast (LMF) is a unique concept designed to teach practical Mandarin to total beginners in the shortest amount of time. Participants can grasp the essentials of Mandarin about 30% faster than any other program.


Phonics, pronunciation and daily-life topics are part of the agenda. The courses leads to HSK 1 and 2 proficiency tests. Click here for more details.


Our 60-hour intermediate program comprises level 3 and level 4. The courses assist those students who wish to work, travel or live in China with no language and cultural barriers. Chinese essays and stories, beautiful Chinese songs and poems, business magazines and newspaper columns, movies and videos; this is a colorful program flirting with all aspects of the language, society and culture. Click here for more details.

Our level 5 and level 6 focuses on academic and communications purposes. It is a course opening the doors to Chinese post-secondary schools or faculties and for the media or communication specialist working in Chinese. Click here for more details

Our Business Mandarin program is tailored with the flexibility of schedule and content in order to comply with our clients' specific industry and agenda. It follows the same curriculum as our regular courses with a twist of vocabulary and topics related to the business word. Click here for more details

This course  on how to address specific business matters and/or solve working issues in Mandarin in a short amount of time. Business Mandarin has a very wide range of content to learn. Therefore, what we choose is the fastest way for participants to achieve their goal. Click here for more details.

Six different levels of a course focusing on Chinese characters. Reading material is selected from Chinese newspapers, prose passages and short stories reflecting Chinese society and culture. Participants will take part in discussions and interpretations of the articles to strengthen their reading comprehension and vocabulary. Click here for more details.


Searching for Mandarin tuition for your child or children? Looking for an experienced Chinese tutor who can make them enjoy learning Chinese? Want to prepare your child or children PSLE, 'O' level or 'A' level exam? You have come to the right place... Click here for more details

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