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Is it possible to learn Chinese fast but... no pain?!


Yes, of course.  You have come to the right place. Our Learn Mandarin Fast- LMF program is your right choice.


LMF is a unique Chinese training program developed to assist the absolute beginner in order to learn essential Mandarin Chinese in about 30 hours. Using our effective courses, you can achieve higher levels efficiently after having a strong foundation.

No matter what your purpose is, whether it is for business, travel, or personal interest, the LMF Program enables you to communicate in authentic real-life situations. If you follow our program closely and invest the required time, you will be able to speak Mandarin within three months!

We have developed useful methods from many years of teaching experience. Other than that, useful tools (crafted videos, audios, flashcards etc.) will help you learn better and memorize faster. As such, you can have more time to practice conversations, listening, and exercises with your teacher during your lessons.

You have always wanted to learn Chinese, and you have always been looking for the right way to do it. If  you are a busy professional who can’t commit to a regular language class or you simply do better when you study in your own office / home, learning Chinese one-to-one is the right solution for you. Private lessons are the most popular option at the Hua Jie Language Programme.

HUA JIE is proud to offer you the most professional and effective Mandarin learning and training using proven successful methods. Our clients include financiers, lawyers, business people, MBA students, doctors, managers, engineers, diplomats etc. The list includes Fortune 500 industrial executives.

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