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Chinese for beginner - level 1

Chinese for beginner - level 1

Lesson 1 - Chinese alphabet - Hanyu Pinyin

Learn to proununce and start to speak Chinese words in 20 minutes. (More detail...)

Chinese for beginner - level 1 

Lesson 2 - pronounciation and greeting 

More pronounciation exercise and learn greeting in mandarin Chinese. Polite expressions. (More detail...)

Chinese for beginner - level 1

Lesson 3 -  Name and Identity

Learn how to ask people's name and identity in Chinese. (More detail...)


                            More videos are coming ...

LMF Library - Learn Mandarin Fast  Program (30 hours)

These videos are to help you remember the chinese words you have learned in our program. After watching, you will find you can remember those words and sentences easier and more...

These videos cover Chinese for beginner (Level 1). Password : huav8


How to you use these videos?  I suggest you ...


  • Learn the lessons/ text first in order to know the meaning of each sentence. 

  • What you can do is that you can write down/ go through the meaning of each word at least once.

  • Understand the grammar of the sententces.

Polite Expressions (4 mins)


第一课 Lesson 1 (13 mins)

第二课 Lesson 2 (16 mins)

第三课 Lesson 3 (19 mins)

第四课 Lesson 4 (14 mins)

第五课 Lesson 5 (17 mins)

第六课 Lesson 6 (16 mins)

第七课 Lesson 7 (16 mins)

第八课 Lesson 8 (17 mins)

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