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I regret not learning Chinese earlier

One of my students lived in Singapore three years ago. Now he lives in Hong Kong and He is the president of a medium-sized enterprise in the clothing industry in the Asia.

He is from Spain. After several years of continuous learning, his Chinese listening and speaking level has reached level 5-6. Not only he can speak very well daily conversation, but he can also discuss news topics very well. He recently talked to me about personal growth and children's education during lessons. He said: "I regret that I didn't learning Chinese earlier when I was young. If I was more sensible when I was young, I would learn Chinese and French. "

Because at work, he found that languages are really so important. His child is about to be born, and he said: "I will teach my child to learn languages ​​well, and I hope she will be better than me in the future!" His words touched my heart. I feel the same way!

After studying mathematics, physics and chemistry for so many years, I feel that I have forgotten a lot about those subjects in the end. In real life and work, languages play the most important role. In other words, it is the most useful.

My child is 10 years old this year. As a parent, I also hope that my child will become a "dragon or a phoenix" in chinese words "望子成龙,盼女成凤”, and I urge him to study every day.

As for myself, I also want to keep learning and make my second and third languages ​​continue to improve!

Dear readers, what about you? Do you feel the same? Welcome to leave a message and tell us what you think ;-)



他最近跟我在上课时聊到个人成长,孩子教育,他说:“我很后悔在我年轻时,没有早一点学习汉语。” 如果小时侯更懂事,他会学习汉语,法语。

因为在工作中,他发现语言真的是太重要了。他的孩子即将出世,他说:“我会好好教我的孩子学习语言,希望她将来比我强!” 他的话说到我的心里去了。




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