Here is what they say about us!

ERIK from Norway

International school student

IB course (Chinese as a second language)

HUA JIE student from 13 until 17 years old

'To learn Chinese in Singapore with Hua Jie was a great experience. We combined reading, writing and speaking, which in my opinion was great in order to learn and understand the different characters. Julie was very patient when I felt frustrated and always encouraged me to try to figure the problem out myself before asking to help. I feel that without the help I got from Hua Jie, my Chinese would not have improved the fast way it did.'

'Hello, I am Tim. I would like to introduce Hua JIe Language, which is wonderful Chinese centre in Singapore. My Chinese study so far has been focused on the Chinese exam called Chugokugo kentei in Japan. Although I did my best to pass the 2nd grade of it, I could not get enough score just 5-15 points shortage. Due to that situation, I have been becoming tired of studying it and also noticing my Chinese communication ability has not been improved in spite of my big effort..

At the same timing, I found TECC (TEst of Communication Chinese), as my company’s rule, is  the standard to decide the person will be transfered to Chinese speaking countries just like TOEIC for English speaking countries. TECC is not famous yet comparing with HSK and Chugokugo kentei in Japan. But the test construction is same as that of...  emphasizing on checking communication capability.

As the next challenge, I decided to get the position working in China by getting  750 points  & over at TECC. This is the standard of our company for the members who will be work-assigned  to Chinese speaking countries). I set the first Target as 500 points. In order to realize that my dream, I selected Hua Jie Language because I got a good impression when I talked to Ms Jin for the first time.


The official language of Singapore is English but 60-70% of its population is Chinese race and they are eager to let their children study correct Chinese so that they have severe selection eye on the Chinese school.  The fact that Hua Jie school has a lot of children from Chinese family will prove her high value of Chinese education.

Hua Jie Language has pretty much flexible program.  Since I preferred  private lesson, I asked Julie to arrange special program for me.   I enjoyed her lesson a lot. As the result of my study at Huajie school, how do you guess my score of TECC after going back to Japan ? That was 519 points ! I made it ! Thanks Ms Jin !

Analysis of Improvement

A. Listening got 22% increase as I expected. It is because continuous Chinese exposure to my ear during ms Jin’s class.  In addition, the material that she used was so effective in improving listening capability.

B. Reading capability was also improved during her class, which I did not expected because my target was to improve listening.  I realized that listening and reading capability is not separated one, which are like the front and back side of coin.

C. I cleared my first target as getting over 500 score.

One thing is for sure, I will come back to Julie’s centre when I will be ready to challenge 750 & over.'

GEORGE from England

'Hua Jie Language taught me Chinese, thanks to their lessons I've now moved to Beijing living and working in Mandarin. Just last week, I gave a presentation to about 150 people all in Chinese. I really enjoyed learning with Hua Jie Language.'

BEATRICE from Switzerland

'Classes with Hua Jie Language are fun and helped me to improve my Chinese skills, focusing on speaking and pronunciation, which I needed most. The schedule is very flexible and teacher can identify and focus on your needs for each class and session.'