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Ai-Petri will see such an uncontrolled face, then Kirill will go home to play his chess, two shifts. We must keep a “poker face” even when they swear at us and promise to drown us in the fountain that is opposite the entrance to our casino ... You might think that the croupier's funeral will return lost money to someone

– Hello!22Jack finally answered, pressing the phone to his ear with his shoulder. Yes, Valo yay, i'm ready. My team is ready. But, I don't like elephant. I need a historical elephant. … Yes, historical…

And what did you send? This is not an elephant, this is Nightmare23... Yes, a nightmare ... Don't you know ... Harasho ... I'm waiting, diar24.

- Twenty. Map? I asked.

It was a rhetorical question, since at twenty even crazy people don't take cards, but hip-hopers in striped shorts who catch elephants in a city of a million people ... hmm, who knows?



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