ABC kids’ Mandarin learning: Patience and persistence matter greatly

A family, particularly the parents, needs patience and persistence with their America-born Chinese (ABC) kids in overcoming linguistic and cultural hurdles when learning Mandarin, Ya-Ning Hsu, a professor, researcher and scholar at Teachers College Columbia University, told a seminar this weekend at Columbia University. For ABC, Mandarin learning is a long and enduring mission, in which anxiety plays a negative role and rushing to the goal can produce nothing good, said Hsu. Mandarin may be the first language for Chinese American parents, but not their ABC kids. Therefore, both parents should participate in their children's learning process and help them maintain and build their ability to g

Why do so many people try to learn Chinese?

When one sets out to learn a language, different considerations run through one’s head, and for just about all of those considerations, China ticks a box: How many people in the world speak this language? Mandarin Chinese is spoken by more people in the world than any other language, so in terms of the sheer number of people, Mandarin is an obvious choice. How important is the deeper understanding of the particular country or region that language proficiency will bolster? In the case of Chinese, almost irrespective of what your native country or language is, it would be easy to argue for the tremendous importance of understanding of China. It is, after all, soon to pass the U.S. as the world

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